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2018-2019 Staff

Anna Allport

Executive Producer

Anna Allport is an Executive Producer of TBN. A passionate blogger, photojournalist, and theater student, advocacy for student wellness through arts education has always been of great interest to her. Throughout her school care...

Lola Debost

Executive Producer

Lola Debost is an Executive Producer and scriptwriter at TBN. 2019, her junior year, is Lola's third year in TBN. Her second year in TBN, she was the News Director and the Student Body Affairs Segment Producer. Lola dives with...

Eileen Guo

Lifestyle Producer

Hi! My name is Eileen Guo and I am a sophomore and this is my second year in TBN. I love baking, taekwondo, and learning new languages. I'm the lifestyle producer this year and I've loved working with my crew and hope to make...

Avi Patni

Technology & Business Producer

Avi Patni is a Sophomore at Gunn High School. This is his second year with Gunn Broadcast. He is the producer for the tech and business group at TBN. In his free time, he enjoys playing sports, hanging out with his friends or...

Soorya Sankaran

Student Body Affairs Producer

Soorya Sankaran is Student Body Affairs Producer and a writer for TBN. 2019 marks Soorya's first year on the staff. Soorya is also juggling club president and standup comedy club vice president. Soorya enjoys making videos for...

Jo Pinsky

Arts & Entertainment Producer

I'm Jo Pinsky, a junior and Arts and Entertainment producer for our daily news show the G. I've been on TBN for two years now and I created our The G logo.

Emily Cohen

Sports Producer

Emily Cohen is the Sports Producer for TBN. This is her second year on the team and her Junior year at Gunn High. Emily is also on Gunn's competitive cheer team. She hopes to finish her last two years at Gunn strong!

Adelaide Phillips

Social Media Director

Adelaide Phillips is part of the student body affairs group in TBN. She is on the Gunn Dance Team and spends most of her free time dancing. She also leads the social media team for TBN.

Jasmine Ibarra

News Reporter

Jasmine is a freshman, who is taking her first year of TBN. She loves hanging out with friends, taking photos, and learning new things; Jasmine has a lot of interest in fashion, lifestyle, and wellness. She is really excited to...

Fay Li

News Reporter

Hi my name is Fay and I am a freshman in the Lifestyle group. I love taking photos and making videos with my crew!

Joey Marcacci

News Reporter

My name is Joey, I'm a senior here at Gunn and this is my first year on the TBN staff. I'm finishing my college apps and in getting into my second semester senior phase. TBN rocks!

Dana Souter

News Reporter

I’m Dana, I’m in 9th grade and in the lifestyle content group. I love my broadcast friends and enjoy taking this class.

Albert Dong

News Reporter

Albert Dong is a Freshman at Gunn High School. He is a reporter for TBN Tech. In his free time, he enjoys coding, hanging out with friends, and playing video games.

Julio Henriquez

News Reporter

Julio Henriquez, Junior, is one of the members of the Tech & Business Crew. 2019 marks his third year of being apart of the TBN crew. Julio has started many pilots in his three years and has also worked behind the camera....

Samantha Lee

News Reporter

I'm Samantha, a tech and business reporter and a senior at Gunn High School. I designed a video game called "The Hole Story" with an all girls project team called the Negatives. The game is already released and can be purchased...

Annie Wu

News Reporter

Annie has been a part of TBN since 2018. She is a News Reporter.

Rina Newhouse

News Reporter

Rina Newhouse is a writer and anchorwoman for TBN since 2018. Aside from TBN, Rina also enjoys creative filmmaking, music, and meeting people.

Joseph Safa

News Reporter

I'm Joseph Safa, a tenth grader that is currently in Student Body Affairs and this is my first year being part of TBN. I play Water Polo and Lacrosse and I love to go fishing. I like the aspect of meeting new people on Campus...

Minchun Chang

News Reporter

Minchun Chang is a reporter for TBN. 2019 is Minchun's first year on the staff. Minchun is a tutor is the Academic Center in Gunn. Minchun hopes to continue his video series "Weird instruments".

James Huang

News Reporter

I'm James Huang, a freshman reporter for the Buzz. I love playing guitar and making videos! Gunn is a great place and I hope to explore its stories, especially when it comes to music and art.

Jiyoon Lee

News Reporter

Jiyoon has been a part of TBN since 2018. She is a News Producer.

Anika Saraf

News Reporter

Anika has been a part of TBN since 2018. She is a News Reporter.

Leopold Arnaud

News Reporter

Leopold has been in TBN since 2018 and is in Sports. He loves the Giants and the Knicks. He produces videos about Football, Volleyball, and Soccer.

Rohan Bhave

News Reporter

Rohan has been a part of TBN since 2018. He is a News Reporter.

Alexis Bromberg

News Reporter

Alexis Bromberg is a journalist for TBN. Alexis is a Sophomore. 2019 marks Alexis's first year on the staff. Alexis is the Vice President of Gunn Sports Journalism Club and a second year player on the Varsity Soccer team at Gunn....

Alon Elbez

News Reporter

I'm Alon, I am a freshman and this is my first year and I am on the sports and social media crew. I love soccer, I play for Palo Alto 04 blue team and Gunn JV. My favorite clubs are FC Barcelona, Liverpool and Hapoel Beer Sheva....

Safa Farooqui

News Reporter

Safa Farooqui is a Reporter for sports in TBN. She is also in Cross country, Track and Field, and Basketball. Safa loves filming sports for TBN and is excited for the next two years.

Harrison Miller

News Reporter

My name is Harrison Miller, I am a freshman and I work on the sports team on TBN. I watch sports on television all the time and play professional E-Sports. I lived in Texas for six years before I moved to Palo Alto. I Lived in...

Aadit Rai

News Reporter

I'm Aadit Rai, a 12th grade sports reporter and this is my first year on the TBN staff. I love tennis and have been playing for the Gunn Tennis team for the last three years. I love filming sports for TBN and hope to make it enjoyable...